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About Me

Hi! I’m Dom, a cyber security and technology enthusiast. I am interested in all things tech, especially websites and DNS. I am a Cloudflare Community MVP and help out other users with their issues regularly. I have experience troubleshooting issues and configuring Cloudflare and an extensive knowledge of their products. I also have a good knowledge of cyber security in general and manage several websites and IT systems voluntarily.

My Experience

I have attended the CyberFirst Defenders, Futures and Advanced courses which are designed by the NCSC, part of GCHQ which have given me a good knowledge of cyber security and the challenges faced.
I am a Cloudflare MVP, I spend a lot of time on their community forums helping out users with their issues and discussing problems and features with other MVPs, experts and staff. This has given me a great understanding of cyber security support and the issues faced by a support team. I also write quite a few tutorials for the community which are used regularly and referred to by many users and staff there.
Community MVP
I maintain several websites, IT and email systems voluntarily for charities and individuals, this has given me a good understanding of working individually and as part of a team, meeting deadlines and working with others to solve issues.
IT Support

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