My New Website

Welcome to my new website! You may notice it looks a bit different to my old one!

My old website

Both are WordPress sites, however on the old site, all the pages were created using the old ‘Classic Editor’, purely because Gutenberg didn’t exist when I created that site! I was thinking about transferring all my content over to the new editor, however I was also thinking about the look of my website at the same time. When I created it, the bold colours and large geometric shapes were what I wanted, but now I want something more modern, simple and professional.

I have been working on the look of this site for a while, and think I am finally happy with it! I am sure it will change again in the future and the current one will definitely be edited as I want to add new content and update the look slightly.

The other things I wanted to improve were performance and security, I spent a long time optimising the old site and got very reasonable results, however I have optimised the new site even more, with both page caching and Cloudflare edge caching.

Update: By using Cloudflare’s cache everything page rule (being very careful, as this can cause serious issues on a WordPress website), if the Cloudflare datacenter you connect to already has the files, the site will be even quicker than below. For me, this means the page loads fully for me in under 1.2 seconds.

Site speed test comparing old site and new site

From a security point of view, I already had a lot of security set up with WordPress, but on the new site, I have far more set up with Cloudflare firewall rules and page rules.

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